In this guide, we’re going to take care of maintenance and we’ll do it by focusing on a very interesting topic: the subwoofers. In fact, as you will have noticed from the title that accompanies the guide, we will try to explain you in a few and simple steps how to repair a blown subwoofer of the car.

Let’s start by indicating what the subwoofers are. The subwoofers are an acoustic speaker that reproduces its low frequency frequencies, with a frequency range from 20 to 200 Hz.

The subwoofer is used to increase the extension of low frequencies, along with speakers that cover the frequency bands higher. The first subwoofers were developed in the 1960s to increase bass response in home stereo systems.

They became popular in the 1970s with the introduction of surround in films like Earthquake, where they were used to reproduce very loud low frequency sounds and noises, in order to simulate the vibrations of an earthquake in cinemas. With the advent of cassettes and in the 1980s of the compact disc, the easy reproduction of deep bass and high volume was no longer limited by the ability of the phonographic stylus to trace a groove, so the producers could also add content to the recordings at lower frequency.

To fix a blown subwoofer this happens to be the best deal now.


  • Screwdriver
  • Welder
  • Recon kit

How to start maintenance

In most cases the defect is attributable to the foam membrane that connects the central cone to the edge of the case. For this the first step is to remove the subwoofer from its housing.

Normally they are mounted in the rear of the car, but depending on the type of system or car, it is also possible to find them in the appropriate accommodation, arranged in the front or rear doors.

Having identified the woofer (which is usually the largest case in the car) it is necessary to unhook the protective mask and we will have to unscrew the woofer from the car frame.

fix a blown subwoofer

Once you have reached this point in the procedure, you will need to continue by disconnecting the audio cables, or, in most cases, the red one and the black one. In the case of welding the cables, we will have to act by heating the pond that connects the wires to the woofer, using a soldering iron.

Subsequently, we will have to remove them in a very delicate way. In fixing a blown subwoofer this is very important.

Now, let’s continue the procedure using a scalpel, which will help us to cut the layer of foam connecting the edge of the case with the central cone. To do this, we follow his profile in a gentle way.

Now it is possible to remove the remaining parts and clean the remaining glue residues on the edge of the case, using a cloth and some solvent.

Be careful not to put the solvent in contact with the internal cone to avoid damaging it. Now we will be able to go and start the procedure called as reconstitution.