Which Satellite Speaker to Buy?

Not sure which satellite speakers to buy online and would also like to spend less?

Buying one or more products belonging to the music category could prove difficult. But there are so many ways to discover the best satellite speakers on the market at an affordable price.

The purchase of satellite speakers is not complicated; just go to reputable stores and decide what kind of satellite speaker we are looking for and what features it must have. You can also find satellite speakers on the net at reasonable prices.

Before buying any satellite speaker you need to evaluate the technical peculiarities without forgetting the price. You also need to know what the satellite speakers mean.

satellite speakers

Choose the best satellite speakers

Compare all models and offers of satellite speakers to buy online immediately. These few lines to talk about satellite speakers cannot replace the advice cards to choose your speakers. Take the time to read them or, if you prefer, consult us for sound advice.

The choice of a speaker is decisive in the acoustic results of your system whether Hi-Fi or home theater. The definition of satellite speakers change now.

The satellite speakers are distinguished from compact library type speakers by their compactness and their often less conventional design. Manufacturers today no longer hesitate to play on shapes and colors to offer speakers that are pretty, compact and powerful.

Integration and design champions, the satellite speakers often integrate a wall mounting system, whether it is a simple notch-shaped keyhole, on the back of the cabinet. One or two screws in the wall then suffice to maintain the enclosure at ideal height. Some even have a real tilt and / or swivel mount that can be used both as a stand on a shelf or as a wall mount.

Side sound, the contribution of a subwoofer is an undeniable to extend the response in the low end, satellite speakers rarely descending below 70-80 Hz. You will also need to know what are satellite speakers.

Monitor Audio Apex 10

The Monitor Audio Apex 10 speaker comes with a rotating stand that allows its particular attachment to the wall or ceiling

What justifies the price differences between all these speakers?

  • Components of different quality (speakers, filters),
  • The quality of construction and the finish of the cabinet, as well as the difference in the materials used,
  • The volume of production, sometimes very low.

Some key points to consider

  • The design and the finish for an optimal integration in your interior,
  • The installation method of the enclosure (placed on a shelf, fixed to the wall, the ceiling, placed on a stand, installed in a bookcase, etc.),
  • The bandwidth (eg. 70 Hz – 20 000 Hz) will guide you in choosing a subwoofer with a suitable frequency response.
  • The superb finish of the enclosure makes it an object of decoration of unequaled elegance

Some important accessories: Conclusion

The speaker cable: it is he who must transmit the signal sent by the amplifier, without loss of power and respecting the nuances and the musicality,

The subwoofer: it is the indispensable complement of the satellite speakers, whether for Hi-Fi or home-cinema listening. Without it, the sound will miss sitting in the low end of the spectrum: the reproduction is unbalanced, the sound scene seems narrow and listening is often synonymous with hearing fatigue.