A home cinema system in the living room is something that can give an extra dimension to watching films and series, but the best performance can only be achieved when your speakers are positioned correctly. A question that I often come across is how speakers and the subwoofer can best be placed and what the ‘rules’ for this are. In this article you will find a short explanation per surround setup. For choosing a center channel speaker you need to know more.

There are various surround / speaker configurations that you can choose from. So you can buy a 2.1 home cinema system, a 5.1 home cinema system or even a 7.1 home cinema system.

In addition, you can choose to purchase an all-in-one set or find components yourself. We are not going into this choice in more detail now, but you can find more information about this in the article ‘What should you look for when buying a home cinema set?” Now you will know how to look for in center channel speakers.

place the center speaker

Some tips for placing a center speaker

Since the positioning of the plant can often seem ambiguous, and the listening experience can quickly be tainted, here are our tips to optimize your installation:

  • If you are using a projector and a transonic projection screen, place the center speaker behind the screen at the height of your ears
  • The center speaker fits perfectly to a TV stand or shelf mounted above or below the screen. Just make sure the speaker is tilted up or down and pointed at the listening position.
  • To tilt the speaker, you can use rubber doorstops, or any non-abrasive wedge-shaped object
  • To adjust the tilt angle at the listening position, it is possible to use a laser pointer held on the top of the speaker
  • If the center speaker is too big to fit into a TV stand, you can install it on a dedicated stand under the screen
  • Always place the center speaker as close as possible to the screen, whether in front or behind (7.1)
  • If the speaker is placed in a cabinet, align the speakers on the front edge of the speaker to improve clarity and dynamics

center channel speakers

There are different ways to place the speakers of your home cinema system and of course every living room or speaker has its limitations. For example, due to a certain shape, a room may not be able to place speakers at the right angle or a certain speaker cannot be hung up due to its size for an optimal position.

The guidelines below give you a good starting point for a basic installation of your home cinema system, but you can deviate from it when the room or the type of speaker requires it.

Regardless of the type of soundtrack, nearly 70% of the sound passes at a given moment through the center speaker. A channel for music or dialogue for movies, television and video games, the power station is the rallying point for all the action on the front of the stage.

It is therefore important to optimize the placement of the speaker to maintain good voice readability, and get better transitions when the sound passes from the left channel to the right channel.